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Tara Mogan Blom (TARE-uh MOE-gun BLUM) established DGA Communications in 2019 after nearly 25 years of working in the field of corporate communications & non-profit operations. Her broad experience in these environments provides a well-rounded perspective of common communication challenges & best practices in strategic communications.

As a certified holistic wellness coach, Tara combines her love for organizational communications with a passion for helping others to create a life they love living. Through her positive and humorous coaching style, Tara empowers clients to create their best self and their best health through healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices. She also teaches organizations how to stop sabotaging employee wellness and start creating healthier, more productive, and supportive workplaces.  

A master-certified Predictive Index analyst and HumanLytics Team associate, Tara uses data-driven behavioral analytics to teach organizations how to maximize talent and productivity, cultivate healthy and inclusive workplace cultures, and minimize costly employee turnover.

Tara is an award-winning published freelance writer and author. She is available for client writing projects, from creative to corporate.  

Email tara@dgacommunications.com for more information about communications and writing support. Or visit coachtara.com for more information about holistic coaching support. 

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