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Consultation, training, and support tailored to fit your needs.

Select from a variety of consulting, coaching and support packages and options. DGA can customize a support package to boost your communication efforts to the next level and show you how to maximize your desired impact.

Strategic Communications

DGA offers 25 years of professional communications experience in corporate and non-profit sectors. Let us help you build, bolster, or refresh your approach to internal and external communications. Learn how to develop a measurable strategic communications plan. You’ll improve your community, investor, donor, employee, and public relations with targeted, purposeful communications. 

Crisis Communications

Let us walk you through a proactive, collaborative process of identifying possible crisis scenarios & developing various crisis communication plans that mitigate risk & prepare your team for a swift response. This proactive work to prepare for worst-case-scenarios creates in best-case outcomes & bolsters stakeholder trust.  

Change Communications

Organizations that handle change communications well can strengthen a workforce. We’ll work with you to create a change communications plan, process, and support materials to support a successful transition for your workforce, partners, and customers. Read this blog about change communications by communications strategist, Tara Mogan Blom

Coaching & Training

DGA helps corporations, individuals and non-profit organizations to  improve communication strategy, audience relations, sales and fundraising efforts. We provide virtual one-on-one coaching and group training, complete with templates and resources that empower independent communications management post-training. Contact us for information about coaching packages. 

Business Continuation Plans

If your communications director wins the lottery & never shows up to work again, would your team know what to do? We can help you build a business continuation plan and show you how to create & manage standard operating procedures (SOP). 

Media Relations

Step into the shoes of a journalist and learn how to create a digital newsroom that will keep the media coming back for more good news. You’ll receive recommended layouts, templates, media strategy, suggestions for content and any content development support that you need. We can also create news releases, media advisories, and pitch stories on your behalf. 

Reputation Management

DGA offers “public image” assessments, with a goal of helping you to maximize your organization’s “first impression” online. This is often the first place potential investors, customers, donors, employees, and volunteers will look when seeking a business, organization, service, or cause to work with. Once we assess how your organization comes across online, we provide a list of specific (and often simple) improvements you can make to put some sizzle in your image and in turn, boost your impact. 

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for many to establish themselves as a thought leader or subject matter expert. It’s also a first impression for those that want to know more about you, to include recruiters or potential clients. Whether it’s a simple copy refresh or a soup-to-nuts makeover, we can help. Once your page is created or refreshed, we can teach you how to use LinkedIn as a strategic networking tool. 

Writing Support

Is your team stretched too thin? An award-winning professional writer can support your next campaign or project. DGA offers experienced writing for books, articles, blogs, social media, speeches, corporate reports, newsletters, annual reports, online content and more. Need an extra set of eyes? We offer editing services too.  Contact DGA for support. 

Tools & Templates

If you’re just getting started, or you need to clean up an outdated or mismatched library of communication templates, this is the package for you. This includes a news release, media advisory, signature block, executive summary, presentation deck, social media tracking tool, social media calendar(s), editorial calendar(s), letterhead, checklists, tips and more. Once you purchase this package, you’ll also be on the list to receive any new or updated templates added to the mix, for no additional cost. This is a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your internal and external communications. 


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DGA Communications will show you how to grow your internal and external strategic communications and help your organization to make a greater impact.